Essay upon Ethics

melissa jones


Summer 16, 2013

Tracy Sipma

The following is a summary of unethical business research conduct simply by Citigroup Inc. and consequently resulting in trial proceedings to get the underhanded conduct. The summary will reveal the specific unethical habit and who were the wounded parties from this misconduct. In addition , insight into the way the unethical behavior affected the business, the individuals, and society. Finally, evidence will be display how this unethical habit could have been prevented or at least resolved early in the analysis process. What unethical study behavior was involved?

In 2002, Citigroup Inc. was falsely accused of deceptive investors. This misconduct was accomplished by the organizations' exploration divisions with pressure from your investment portions within the firm. The research experts used biased research in promoting the sale of stock that research had shown had not been a good investment. The analysts misconstrued the legitimate research due to concern more than from backlash from the organizations' investment brokers. Additionally , the internal pressure through the investment areas to accomplish this misrepresentation was fulfilled the prize of additional bonuses and investment for the investigation analysts. The conclusion game in this misrepresentation was going to ensure Citigroup, Inc. could have a better important thing. Numerous cases illustrate the organizations viewpoint of increased profits were more important than a commitment to fair and accurate information and suggestions by analysts (Di Lorenzo, 2006). The following communication displays the openness of the wrong doings among Citigroup and their affiliates. According to Di Lorenzo (2006) " At Salomon Smith Barney, analyst Grubman reiterated a stock buy recommendation in Feb . 2001 upon Focal, an investment banking customer, and a target price of $30 (twice the stock price)” (p. 780, 781). Additionally , according to Di Lorenzo (2006) " In...