Analysis the Song "The Way We all Were"

 Essay about Analysis the Song «The Way We all Were»

Nancy Tran

Professor: Blain Hunt

English language 103

40 September, 2012

The Way I was

Life and love certainly are a substantial theme that has been picked by many transcendent musicians for several centuries. The Theme is definitely comprised of two different symbole: life and love; these kinds of, however , include a special correlation between each other. Life can be pointless devoid of love; simultaneously, love may not exist without life. Though we know that already love can be a sorrow, a vexation of spirit, or maybe a barb killing our ego, we still need it. We have a song—a take pleasure in song which includes touched array thousand audiences' hearts; this expresses the overflowing emotions of a girl who used to live in her intense real love. " How We Were, ” by Joe Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, and Marvin Hamlisch illustrates the innermost feelings and feel dissapointed of a middle-aged woman when ever she reflects on the youth which she had gone through.

This music has a lumination beat and slow " cadence " forming charming sensations intended for the audience, but it also leaves audiences a profound message to think about. Superior audiences might find themselves in the song. That brings out veneracion, especially for those who been living in love. Marilyn Bergman uses simple phrases, but it is very touching and emotive. Fundamentally, it is a classical song which has been played simply by symphony orchestras and performed by Barbra Streisand. By just looking at the lyrics, one would feel the sentimental heart and a great introspective head of a delicate woman. Inside the first type of the song, she creates " Memories, light the corners of my mind. Misty watercolor thoughts of the approach we were. ” These recollections have been engraved in her heart; they are really neither depressing nor sanguine, but they are brilliant images which will she desires to repress inside the most innermost sphere of her mind. It is not simply something very hurtful; it is not blissful to think of either. Her feeling is a mixture of reminiscence, melancholy, and a little bit of feel dissapointed about that is hurrying through her...