Examination Of An Moral Dilemma Component 2

 Analysis Associated with an Ethical Situation Part 2 Essay

п»їAnalysis associated with an Ethical Issue, Part 2: Spiritual Leader Interview Paula J. Mangus

Grand Canyon University


May on the lookout for, 2015

Interview Questions and Answers

1 ) What faith based organization are you affiliated with?

We am a great ordained ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) with the Centers for Religious Living away of The state of colorado. I have it of " Reverend” nevertheless use " Pastor” mainly because I look after the religious needs of other people, no matter what that may be. installment payments on your How long are you a porquerizo?

11 years

3. How do you feel about Euthanasia?

I feel it is just a person's decision and it is distinct from suicide. It must be well thought out and talked about which has a team of people involved which include physicians, psychologists, and friends and family. I also think it is centered more on the person's quality lifestyle and their decision or decision should be privileged. It's different then suicide caused by a mental health issues. This is not a well thought out plan and does not occur using a team of folks. 4. Do you really feel it is right or wrong in the eyes of God?

I don't experience it has anything to do having a deity and God is usually not a judgmental God would you cast somebody away depending on this decision. 5. Will you feel it is a person's right to choose fatality over life? Yes I actually do. I feel that often people get this to choice on the subconscious level. Think about the aged married couple of 50 years so when one other half dies, the other employs. I believe the mind is a strong thing and individuals can will themselves to have or expire. 6. Do you really feel that family should have the justification to choose when a patient can't like in the Terri Schiavo case? The condition I have with this case is they starved her to fatality. I no longer feel you should purposely end someone's existence in this manner. In case the husband don't want to be wedded to her, I am sure the court would have approved him a divorce and her parents could have taken custody of the children of her. I just believe it is wrong to starve anyone to death. six. How long do you consider a family ought to wait to help make the choice to permit someone to perish? I don't believe there is a time limit. Every circumstance is different. Every case is individualized. People should be provided every possible possibility to live prior to a choice was created to die. almost eight. Do you think era matters? Will someone who can be 80 been more acceptable than somebody who is twenty? No We don't imagine age should matter. Easily had a family come to me to talk about stopping a cherished one's existence, I would lawyer them regarding the means they would take to purposefully end life. A lot more precious and a difference to purposefully closing it but not taking incredible measures just to save someone no matter what age they can be. 9. Will you feel there should be laws in place or that the courts must have the right to determine someone's destiny? I do believe laws are necessary and the process of law should maintain the laws. I likewise believe that in the event the person includes a living is going to that evidently states no extraordinary procedures including lifestyle sustaining treatment options, then the courtroom should exclusive chance that person's wishes. 15. What are 3 of the main elements that should be in place before the decision to end existence should be of either the sufferer or their particular family? To start with should be their very own quality of life. If they are brain lifeless and no chance of survival and/or hooked to machines for lifetime support, they have no quality lifestyle. The second is that there must be well thought out decision made between all parties involved along with all information directed at the patient as well as the family about all solutions. Finally, in case the person provides a living will and are in a coma, the living is going to should be honored and if the person is able to make the decision and are conscious and of appear mind, the patient's directly to choose must be honored.

Summary of Interview

Pastor Robert has been a great ordained minister for the past 14 years with all the Center of Spiritual Living of Colorado Springs which is a derivative of Christian Science. Through the interview, Prelado...

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