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 Case Study Nintendo Wii Essay

Leslie Melissa Ritchie Lopez

Case Study

Nintendo Wii

Doctor French

Mar, 2012


Nintendo one of the most recognized brands in the gaming industry continues to be very good but provides faced a few struggles on the market, although, Nintendo has retained its presence through tough times in the market. Manufacturers was founded in 1889, and 1985 came up with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) a successful gaming system, facing big competitors just like Microsoft and Sony. 5 years ago Nintendo introduced the Xbox video game gaming system, the Nintendo Wii was created to set up a new regular in game control using an innovative and unprecedented interface, the Xbox Remote leading to it to be very good. Even though, the Nintendo Wii induced impact in the market in favor it also faced some troubles against its competition.

The Problem:

Nintendo Wii was immediately accepted by buyers, even difficult, this wireless technology was new to client. Through time there was not only a very great variety of games for this system and brought on disadvantages against Nintendo Wii. Another's Wii shortcomings were it is low design quality that gave top priority to competitor's consoles. This is a big difficulty for Nintendo; the competition got advantages from this " innovated” console. Competitor consoles just like Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 via Microsoft include much better graphic quality along with online game playing experience which will also gave a big downside to Nintendo Wii, customers desired this prove console.


The SWOT research helps exposed important hidden factors that may influence the outcome of it accomplishment in the market. SWOT Analysis


* Innovative and simple game-play by using a mixed of motion awareness and seeking device. 2. Affordable pertaining to variety of financial classes.

5. Open market (for most ages)


* Low gambling graphics.

5. Competitors had more video game variety than Nintendo Wii.

* Low earning


2. Improve...

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