Excercise 27 - Hlt 362

 Excercise 27 - Hlt 362 Essay

1 ) The 3rd party variable to get a, B, and C can be postnatal age in several hours. The dependent variables for any, B, and C happen to be systolic blood pressure, diastolic stress, and suggest blood pressure correspondingly. The relationships between these types of variable is direct and positive in this as the independent varying of postnatal age increases the corresponding reliant variable raises.

2 . The self-employed and dependent variables in Figure three or more are the same such as Figure two, as well as the romance between the varying. The difference is that figure several displays the relationship with regard to babies with a bodyweight of 1001-1500 grams, and figure two deals with babies with a body weight equal to or perhaps lesser than 1000.

3. According to figure three or more, ” in each illustration, the sumado a intercept was significantly greater (p < zero. 001) compared to the value intended for comparable lines of best suit in infants with delivery weight ≤1, 000 grms. ”; This is certainly evident when you compare the y-intercepts in every single graph.

four. According to the formula, the y-intercept is 43. 2 as well as the slop is 0. 17. " x” represents the independent changing of postnatal age in hours.

5. If the value of x is definitely postnatal regarding 30 several hours, then the worth for SBP equals 43. 2 + 0. 17(30) or forty eight. 3.

6th. If the worth of back button is postnatal age can be 30 hours, then SBP = 60. 3 & 0. 12(30) or 53. 9.

several. The SBP reading pertaining to question 6th is greater than that of question 5. This is certainly mostly because of the significant difference in y-intercepts.

almost eight. If the benefit of times is postnatal age is 30 several hours, then DBP = 25. 8 & 0. 13(30) or 30. 7.

being unfaithful. If the worth of times is postnatal age can be 30 hours, then DBP = 40. 4 + 0. 11(30) or 33. 7.

10. The DBP when the value of x can be postnatal regarding 60 hours is 40. 4 & 0. 11(60) or forty-eight. 3. This value can be higher than the DBP the moment x is known as a postnatal regarding 30 several hours because the equation is the same, but the direct positive relationship correlates having a higher DBP value to get a higher postnatal age.