Executive Synopsis Template

 Executive Brief summary Template Essay

п»їExecutive Summary Template

[The Company]


[The Company] was founded in [year] and [describe what business does or perhaps its principal mission or perhaps objective For instance , " which is a growing manufacturer of pen lead”]. Each of our principal office buildings are located in [x].

Business Product/Service

[The Company] makes [describe your product/service line].

[The Company] produces/provides the following products/services: [list products/services here in buy of significance]. Presently, our [main product/service] is in the [pick one among: introductory, progress, maturity] stage. It competes relying on [competitive advantage]. Our future plans consist of developing [x, con, and z] in [year or timeframe].

The Market

We all define the market since [define market]. The entire market size was approximatey [$x] previous [period available], and it is expected to develop by [x%]. We have a competitive advantage because of our [speed to sell, established manufacturer, low cost manufacturer status]. We [anticipate/do not anticipate] businesses to enter this market.


The best risks connected with our organization today will be [x, y, and z]. All of us feel we could overcome these kinds of risks because of [m]. Our biggest recognized possibilities include [a, n, and c].

Management Team

The supervision team is definitely led by Chief Executive Officer [Name of CEO] who [founded the corporation in (year)/ joined the company after operating as (position) at (company)]. [Add any relevant previous operate experience]. [Add education, e. g. " The lady received her M. N. A. from the University of Iowa in 2002”]. The [title of position] is definitely [name of placement holder]. [Add relevant work experience and education]. The [title of position] is definitely [name of situation holder]. [Add relevant work experience and education]. The [title of position] can be [name of placement holder]. [Add relevant work experience and education].


We have [manufacturing facilities/offices/branches] positioned in [location, location, location]. We presently...