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Toward LO you: Be able to illustrate the composition of and classify anatomist materials P1




Describe the structure (including the atomic structure) associated with a given metallic, polymer, hard, composite and smart materials

Classify given engineering components as either metals or nonmetals relating to their houses

Describe physical, physical, energy and electrical and permanent magnetic properties and state a single practical application of each and every property within an engineering circumstance

Explain the way the properties and structure of numerous given architectural materials affect their behaviour in given engineering applications I state that the work I possess submitted can be my own

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Classifying anatomist materials and investigating their particular properties With this assignment you are going to:

find and present advice about the internal structure of supplies used in anatomist classify supplies as both metallic or perhaps non-metallic

recognize the properties of supplies and learn how they affect the choice of a material for a purpose. check out the behaviour of components in service and relate this to their properties. Your Position

You will be nearing the finish of the 1st year of an engineering apprenticeship and have been joined the design section of your business to gain further more experience. Part of your new work will involve aiding with the collection of materials when design proposals are becoming developed into last solutions suitable for prototype make. You will be dealing with a older designer and a making engineer. The main designer wants to check out your understanding of executive materials by providing you a test. To prove whatever you know about anatomist materials you must complete the following tasks. Task 1 [P1]

Using blueprints to illustrate your answers describe the structure (including the atomic structure) with the following materials:

plain carbon steel (0. 15% C), as accustomed to make a body panel for a car high density polyethylene (HDPE), because used to generate non-carbonated refreshments containers si carbide, while used in ball type stream control regulators

carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP), as found in the construction of aircraft piezoelectric, as found in the sensor which fires the airbag in a car. Task two [P2]

The following table contains the names of engineering materials. Classify every single one because either a material or a nonmetal by using their properties because the criteria pertaining to selection. For each material point out which houses most influenced you when figuring out.

Austenitic DURE


Melamine formaldehyde



Water piping





Piezo crystal

Task a few [P3]

The properties of materials may be classified as:




electric powered


For each category, opt for two specific properties, tease them and say why they are really of interest into a design engineer. From each category find out specific home and express its app in an engineering context, we. e. since it relates to picking out material for a product. Task 4 [M1]

Plain co2 steel (mild steel) can be widely used in the construction of ships hulls. It is easy to assist, low cost and has very good structural integrity when delivers are with normal water...