Peer Pressure

 Peer Pressure Essay

After i was marketed from principal school to secondary college, I have fulfilled some bad peers. They will never examine, just liked to play. That they always missed the classes, and spent most of the time on playing free online games in Internet cafГ©. In order to get into their group, I chose to follow along with them. Therefore, my academic performance lowered sharply, many failed to promote to up coming grade. Out of this story, we can see that teenagers always get influence by their peers. Peers' opinions and choices influence them. They can free themselves from their colleagues and they can't do away with peers' pressure. Expert pressure is a crucial issue for teenagers.

There are several good explain this kind of.

1st, teenagers get pleasure from being within a group of people who also agree regarding things, they don't need to be discriminated against and be pressed away from the group, therefore they may follow their particular peers' actions. My personal experience attests for this: Before We met individuals bad colleagues, I was a good student whom studied quite hard and seldom played online games. After I achieved them, I actually became a negative student who skipped the classes and played online games, as I may want to be distinct, I want to become as same as them. Also I wanted to examine, I would try to give up my thoughts.

Second, is all about independency. Teens are not kids anymore, they wish to grow up, get rid of their particular parents' control, therefore they are going to prefer to hear their peers' opinion instead of their parents' opinion. Now, my personal experience also attests to this: My parents wanted me to have a great academic performance at university, they necessary me to analyze every moment. Meanwhile, those bad colleagues wanted me to play with them, they didn't want me to analyze. They explained that study was a kind of wasting my personal time and my own youthhood. So what on earth next? Of course I chose to pay attention my peers' opinion.

Third, is approximately curiosity. Teenagers are interested in everything, they may follow their very own peers' actions as they wish to satisfy...