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Phase I: В

Physical Appearance of Argentina, and characters, habits and tips that it engenders. В

The evil that afflicts Spain is their size: the vast adjacent desert everywhere. В To the south and north the wild-lurk the Indians willing to attack at any time. В This low self-esteem of life in the Argentine character images some stoic resignation to violent loss of life, explaining the indifference with which the giving and receiving of death. В The inhabited part of the nation can be split up into three faces: the thick forest (north), the jungle and the pampas. В The Llanura is the picture of the sea on earth, waiting to send her to generate. В There are many navigable streams republic, although dislikes the son in the Spanish routing. В Thus, the greatest gift into a people is known as a dead item, untapped. В The fruitful may be the only riv Plate. В Buenos Espaces is called to become one day the big city of the Americas. В She alone is at contact with The european countries and intrusions the advantages of foreign operate. В This monopolistic position of Buenos Espaces that although Rose will indeed acquired wanted to follow the federalism could have been extremely hard, and would have ended up with the device that keeps today: the machine. В (" We, however , wished the oneness of world and freedom, and the product has given us in barbarism and slavery. " )В As America is called to become a federation due to its wide exposure to the Atlantic, Argentina is set to be unity. В The city may be the center of civilization Spain Spanish, Euro, but the wilderness nearby. Person City live a civilized life. В In the city would be the laws, ideas, progress, education, regular government. В The countryside and the town represent two separate companies, two people unknown people to each other. В The man's marketing campaign to the city hates and hates the well-informed man. В Argentina stocks many features with the Hard anodized cookware plains from the Tigris and Euphrates, plus the lives of his men are often identical (Arabs and gauchos). В Field: В

Argentina completely outclassed the advertising campaign of intense force, the authority without limits and responsibilities of impose. В This is seen in the executions of the foreman, that do not really support state legitimate expert considered that this has wiped out. В The people of the field consists of two races: The spanish language and Indian (except in Buenos Espaces, the black, leaning toward civilization and endowed with talent, can be extinct). В These races are recognized for their like of negligence and professional disability. В The American events, the Indians are unable to work harder, and the The spanish language race displays the same pattern. В In the campaign the organization disappears entirely, only the relatives remains se?orial isolation. В Thus, any form of government turns into impossible, no municipality, opportunity and performance of contencioso state assault monopolized. В The population is scattered. В No public response. В Civilization is entirely unworkable and barbarism is normal. В Progress is stifled, because there can be no improvement without permanent possession of the floor, not metropolis that originates is the mans industrial potential and allows you to extend the purchases. В In the field of religious beliefs is unbalanced. В What occurs with faith than with spanish language is dangerous. В It is known as a natural religion. В The Gauchos are The spanish language only by confusing language and faith based notions that they possess. В Home occupations, cottage industries, are practiced by the female, she weighs nearly all the job. В Education country man: children exercise their pushes and are trained for enjoyment in handling the ribbon and bow and the balls and are cyclists. В With puberty and teenage life are the full independence and unemployment. В From childhood are used to kill cattle, which familiarizes them with bloodshed. В The equine is an important part of Argentine domains. Thus, children are gradually acquiring the characteristics of their ancestors: the habit of succeeding in the resistance, to challenge and overcome characteristics. В This encourages a sense of specific importance and superiority in the field man. В All Argentineans are aware of...