Dropped Angels

 Fallen Angels Essay

Decreased Angels

By simply: Walter Dean Myers

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Pg. 14-15. Discussing a field hockey tournament:

" I wanted to win badly. I knew I was going into the army, but also for me that was a sort of defeat. My personal plans, probably just my own dreams genuinely, had been to visit college and also to write just like James Baldwin. All the other guys in the community thought I used to be going to school. I was not, and the armed service was the place I was likely to get away from the questions. I wanted to win that tournament, to walk away from the streets I had been raised along with my head high, a winner. ” This portion of the story attracts me mainly because I can correspond with Richie. I also enjoy basketball and also have felt this same way with regards to a tournament often times. My ideas, and dreams, are to head to college and maybe be a article writer. I have been informed I am an excellent copy writer if I place my mind to it. A whole lot of my friends and teammates believe I am going to school just like Richie. I might not be going into the army but I do want to get far from all the questions and drama. I possess always wanted to win, no matter what I i am playing, or doing. I will always walk with me held substantial, hopefully as a winner. This kind of part in the story tells us about the primary character, Richie Perry, and how he decided to go into the military. 2 .

In my experience, Richie's most challenging choice was joining the army to start with. Yea, having been coming from a difficult family with not a lot of money but this individual, at first, desired to go to school and begin bigger and better points. There was a means for him though to go to college. Richie wanted to certainly be a writer therefore if he doesn't opt to join the army, within a few years he could be a famous writer. He as well played golf ball. He would have earned a basketball scholarship grant and go on to higher levels of the game. Could be the army wasn't the best choice for Richie, but maybe likely to college or staying residence in that difficult neighborhood would not be a great one both. I believe he previously many tough decisions although this was his toughest. a few....