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http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/adolf_hitler.htmHitler as well as the Nazis said the Jews were responsible for huge incidents like losing World War One plus the economic crisis. It was totally not the case at all even though. But by blaming the Jews, Hitler was today able to make an opponent. So he told every one of the people in Germany which the Jews had been the root of all problems they had. Without function and without any kind of means to support himself, Hitler, short of money lived in a doss home with tramps. He spent his period painting content cards which will he hoped to sell and clearing pathways of snow. It was at this point in his life - regarding 1908 -- that this individual developed a hatred from the Jews. Having been convinced it turned out a Jewish professor that had refused his art work; he started to be convinced which a Jewish doctor had been in charge of his single mother's death; this individual cleared the snow-bound pathways of beautiful community houses in Vienna exactly where rich people lived and he started to be convinced that only Jews lived in these homes. By 1910, his mind had become warped and his hatred of the Jews - called anti-Semitism - had become arranged. Hitler named his five years in Vienna " five years of hardship and misery". In his book referred to as " Mein Kampf", Hitler made it clear that his time in Vienna was completely the fault of the Jews - " I began to hate them". In Feb . 1914, so that they can escape his misery, Hitler tried to join the Austrian Army. This individual failed his medical. A lot of poor food and sleeping rough got taken all their toll on someone who as being a PE student at college had been " excellent " at gymnastics. His medical report stated that having been too poor to actually carry weapons. That kicks off in august 1914, Universe War One was reported. Hitler entered over the border to Philippines where he had a very simple and not as well searching medical which reported that having been fit to become in the A language like german Army. Film has been discovered of the small Hitler in Munich's primary square that kicks off in august 1914, obviously excited in the declaration of war becoming announced…….. along with many other folks....