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CORPORATE INFORMATION FACULTY GUIDE Mr. Ravi Parmar Mister. Rajnish mallick Relationship Supervisor

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Post Graduate Diploma or degree in management

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Ankur Singh

PGDM-III, Semester

Batch- 2008-10

Roll number 014908005

Centre for Management Technology

Understanding Park I actually Gr. Noida


In the event that words are believed to be signs of gratitude then simply let these words Convey the very same My sincere honor to ICICI BANK to get providing me with an opportunity to work with TRADITIONAL BANK and offering necessary directions on this process project to the best of my own abilities. I am very indebted to Mr. Remay Verma, Branch Manager and Mr. Ravi Parmar (RM) company project guide, who may have provided me with the necessary information and in addition for the support prolonged out to me in the completion of this record and his valuable suggestion and comments upon bringing out this kind of report inside the best way possible. I also thank Prof. Anant Jyoti, (HOD of PGDM), who have sincerely recognized me with all the valuable information into the completion of this task. I i am grateful for all faculty people of C-Mat and my friends who have helped me in the successful completion of this project.


Sr. No . | Subject Covered| Page No .

1| Acknowledgements| 2

2| Executive Summary| 4

3| My Task Objective| six

4| Bank Structure in India| eight

5| Introduction| 9

6| History of Banking in India| 10

7| Bank In India| seventeen

8| Truth Files of Banks in India| nineteen

9| American indian Banking Industries| 26

10| ICICI Lender | twenty-eight

11| ICICI Group | 33

12| Technology utilized in ICICI Bank| 39

13| Product and Customer sections | 41

11| Product| 44

14| SWOT Examination | 55

15| Exploration Methodology| 57

16| Organization Efforts To Ensure Customer Satisfaction | 59| 17| Data Evaluation | 69

18| Comparison With SBI| 79

19| SWOT Analysis(comparative)| 87

twenty | Customer survey | 93

21| Finding | 98

22 | Suggestion | 99

23 | Conclusion| 102

24| Bibliography| 103


Private banking can be described as concept which can be new and fast growing in the world of bank where changes have become essential in order for banking companies to survive from this competitive environment vis-Г -vis not merely from the community and private sector banks although also in the foreign banks. The objective of the study is to explore the various products, which a private banker bargains into plus the systematic procedure involved to fit client requirements with the right sort of product. Through this exploration one of the main goals is to explore the reason why most of the banks happen to be injecting non-public banking as business profile to their pair of service offerings. Though exclusive banking progressed in late 80's in Asia, in India its only 5 years of age. ICICI started out it in Aug 2002 and since then it has been a exceptional success. Today there are enormous solutions to accommodate client requires but what suits best to a customer is in which private bank fits in. Every client could have different demands, liking and preferences. So a personalized portfolio for each and every client is a need during. This analysis will spotlight more for the product portfolio of ICICI Private Banking, how they possess changed or innovatively organized to be attractive and competitive.

Research aim

1 . To draw the comparative analysis of ICICI LENDER Ltd with SBI etc . 2 . To recognize the major attributes of customer satisfaction....