Fire and Haze Character Evaluation

 Fire and Fog Figure Analysis Article

Fire and Fog Figure Analysis

" Remainders aren't often the best; sometimes they're the smartest, yet more often this is the luckiest” (Ryan, Carrie). In the book, ” Flames and Fog, ” by simply Dianne Time, she tells a story about San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Dianne Time explains how people undergo during after the earthquake. Caroline Fremont Jones, 23 years old is among the main personas who endure in the San Francisco earthquake and fire of, 1906. Fremont is persistent person, useful citizen and a fearless girl. Fremont is an independent person who lives and could be a typist in San Francisco. Her father states, " My personal Dear Caroline stop glad you secure stop crucial you quit your mischief and come back home stop will wire funds if necessary stop your loving daddy. ”(pg. 61). although her father wishes her to have with him and agrees to support her, Fremont rejects his offer and would like to be 3rd party with all the obligations. Event after the earthquake when ever Fremont turn into homeless and jobless the girl does not recognize her dad's helps. Fremont states, " Father Quit no intention of getting back to Boston stop my function is not foolishness stop my name is Fremont stop I no longer response to Caro series. ” (pg. 63). this shows how Fremont would not want her father's support because she is an independent lady who does love to depend on another person. Fremont likewise tells her father to avoid calling her job foolishness and she also said that her name is usually not Fremont.

Fremont is a useful citizen who likes to help other people by her community. After the earthquake Fremont become a member on the Reddish Cross to help clients that struggling with the earthquake. Mrs. Bartlett states " Let me supply you with the rest of the assignment in the event I acquire busy with something while you're off following Dr . Tyler. When you've dropped him at the difesa, you're to the train station. ”(pg. 39). Fremont helps Mrs. Bartlett, the nurse whom gave her assignments to assist the Reddish colored Cross becoming a good...