fire and ice

 fire and ice Composition


Fire= Desire

Ice= Hate

Ice represents the earth ending through feelings that humans include, not through natural catastrophes. Talk about just how desire covers your the case appreciation for a lifetime itself Hate makes the complete community bad and is a toxic environment.


Subject: Robert Frost is evaluating fire and ice to desire and hate. Event: He is evaluating desire and hate expressing how the globe is going to eventually end. Viewers: Anyone older than, and which includes younger adults because the subject material is not really appropriate for young children. Purpose: To show just how peoples negative emotions and actions are very much so impacting on the real world, and to explain that natural disasters may be able to actually destroy the world, but that the way a persons race behaves can emotionally destroy this as well. Speaker: Robert Frost is the audio because this poem is from his perspective and opinion. Tone: This poem contains a very matter-of-fact, negative sculpt to that being that the actions he's describing are negative as well.

" Flames and Ice” Outline

Section 1- Thesis Statement: Flames and snow are used to exhibit and emphasize Robert's emotions on how the world will ultimately end. In his poem this individual compares fireplace to desire, and snow to hate. Paragraph 2- Supporting Depth 1: On the globe fire is compared to desire. Because fireplace is engulfing as is the emotion of desire. Desire also contributes to temptation. And Frost catches this if he states " From what I've felt of desire I hold with people who favor fireplace. ”(3-4) Desire is a need for something which one does not have. This can truly damage people because they spend so much period thinking about what they wish they never truly take the time to enjoy what they have got. This also creates a unfavorable tension among humans in general. Paragraph 3- Supporting Fine detail 2: Glaciers is also when compared to hatred. Hate is also a chilly emotion as ice, which both the emotion and the normal occurrence will be destructive. Ice cubes can cause chafing and hate causes battles and chafing to people's relationships also to society all together. As found when Ice states " I think I realize enough of hate to say that to get destruction ice is also great” (6-8) Hate is a very solid word and over the years it includes seemed to develop more and more. Since the decades continue the strong growth of technology features opened your race up to subjects which may have never recently been exposed. The brand new found expertise has begun to hinder the hope individuals have in the human race. Paragraph 4- Supporting Depth 3: Towards a more natural look at, fire and ice are extremely destructive in their own. Flames can burn off forests for the ground, and people's homes are quickly demolished. Whilst ice could cause horrendous automobile accidents, and can get rid of off hundreds of species in one shot. These disasters will be symbolic from the destruction those two emotions trigger in the community. Section 5- Realization: In Robert Frost's composition " Fire and Ice” he uses these two components to capture how a world will " perish” (5). As well, to emphasize the different meanings one object or maybe situation can easily have and how it influences us as a whole community. Being that fire and ice can be represented in his poem because hate and desire Robert feels that a natural tragedy will not be the cause of the end of the world but someones actions and attitudes.

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" Fire and Ice” Research Rough Draft

The actions of fire is usually an extraordinary event. Fire is distracting and may bring a person right point wherever they are nearly disconnected from the world. This kind of description is definitely insanely a lot like that of the emotion desire. When you desire something that you don't have, you spend additional time worrying about that you item after that taking a take a step back and looking in their your life from a farther point of view. Fire and ice prefer express and emphasize Robert's feelings on how the world can eventually end. In his poem he even comes close...