French Tradition vs Indonesian Culture

 French Lifestyle vs Indonesian Culture Article


HTM 3242



Ms. Sara Abourich




Portugal and Philippines are two different countries with different ethnicities, lifestyle and behavior. It is so obvious that Indonesian is somewhat more traditional compared to French, wherever most Indonesian is afraid to make errors and be evaluated by people around them but French are more open to errors and all judges from the surrounding. In this refractive learning, Let me compare The french language and Indonesian by using Hofstede model. You will find five measurements in Hofstede's theory, that happen to be Power Range, Uncertainty Elimination, Individualism/Collectivism, Masculinity/Femininity and Short-Term/Long-Term Orientation. Electric power Distance identifies the degree to which the less effective members of organizations and institutions acknowledge and anticipate that electricity be allocated unequally. In French lifestyle, in a friends and family, children are offered the freedom to experiment new things instead of being taught to be obedient. However , in Indonesia, we all as children are told to get obedient and parents are less likely to give their children a liberty to experience the euphoric pleasures. Most of the children in Dalam negri especially in Medans are informed to respond like the method the parents desire them to. In French, the youngsters are free to learn their surrounding, for instance once i was in Toulouse, I saw twins who would not know each other and coming from different events can be good friend just within a second. This type of situation will never happen in Indonesian, while parents are prohibited the children approach strangers, which will banned all of us from becoming humble and open with this surrounding. Doubt avoidance refers to the extent a lifestyle programs its members to fill both uncomfortable or perhaps comfortable in un-structure circumstance. In this dimensions, Indonesia has a medium low preference intended for avoiding uncertainty, which means there exists a strong inclination in Indonesia toward the Javanese traditions regarding separation of inside...