Exit Interview Paper

 Exit Interview Paper

Running Head: Exit interview Paper Exit Paper, you

Tuskegee School

July twenty-eight, 2009

Eileen Ligon

SOWK 364

Leave Interview Paper

Ms. Macarthur

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Overview Description of Activities

Throughout this summer session I have been confronted with many new learning experiences and opportunities. We am the majority of thankful for the supervisor which i had at my agency, plus the group of learners that I been employed by with this summer. This summary will be a hiphop out/ describe of a few of the things that I have took part in this summertime. I attended my firm four days and nights out of the week, Monday, Thursday, Thursday, and Fridays. Upon Wednesdays I actually participated in group jobs where I really could be from the Tuskegee University's farm building, Farmer's marketplace, food market, Auburn University's Farm, or regional YMCA.

To get my jr . practicum I was placed in Salem Medical and Rehabilitation Center of Tuskegee. I used to be under the strict supervision of Mrs. Eunice Torbert. I had been prompted in the first working day on away how to be a better pupil and for foreseeable future references, an excellent social employee. I travelled over the plans for ltc facilities around the fist day that I spent at my firm, but before I used to be able to interact with any of the occupants, I had to follow along with policy, which was to pass drug test, TB skin evaluation, and a background test.

My manager gave me the opportunity to learn the methods of a good interpersonal worker, as well as the importance of like a professional all the time. I did not shadow my director, as nursing staff do within their field, I actually did work and duties that were designated to me. These types of tasks were very intense, some more than others, but I was capable of get through them successfully. I had been giving the opportunity to work with the residents side and hand. Working with the residents was the perfect chance for me to achieve experience in the long term facility....