Very good Guy.

 Essay in Good Person.

My, my! For Waterloo Napoleon did give up. Oh, sure! And I have met my personal destiny in quite a comparable way. The history book on the shelf is always repeating itself! Waterloo! Stranger:  napoleon did not surrender at waterloo

You:  Napoleon was one of the biggest generals in history

You:  better

You:  then eny that UK had

You:  any*

Stranger:  true

You:  or will have

You:  I respect french

You:  people

You:  just these people in europe

Stranger:  napoleon wasnt really a french anyway

You:  and

You:  serbs

You:  of course

Stranger:  he was obviously a corse

You:  their officers... ah

You:  ik

You:  Serbia and France... as well best countries in the european union

You:  War is in all their blood

Unfamiliar person:  nah, serbia doesnt really have good generals.

Stranger:  look at their particular battles, they basically shed every battle they fought You:  Check World Battle I

You:  then state something dude

You:  first battle in mountain named Cer

Unfamiliar person:  while certainly they struggled well

You:  50k compared to 250k

New person:  they repelled austrai 2 times

You:  they WON

Unfamiliar person:  but in the end they were published

You:  yeah...

Stranger:  and look at globe war two

You:  when 850k attacked their 300k

You:  in world war II

Unfamiliar person:  they were defeated by simply germany

Stranger:  and it is allies

New person:  in day or two

You:  like almoust whole europe

Unfamiliar person:  i indicate, serbs constantly fought hard

You:  but they had protecting plan

New person:  butthey are too small

You:  which failed

You:  cuz croats

New person:  to be really a power

You:  they were upon german aspect

You:  had those camps.. like germans

You:  for jews, serbs, and gypsy

Stranger:  the ustasha of ante pavelic

You:  yes

Stranger:  they were paid by italians and germans

Stranger:  since th 30's

You:  I see u know history very well

Stranger:  that explained, serbian prepare was problematic since the start, because they had put their very own under prepared forces right on the frontiers Stranger:  they werent ready to resist to a blitzkrieg assault Stranger:  but who was all things considered?

You:  The equipment was mostly coming from ww1 and 30s

You:  and

You:  after

You:  In following war Yugoslavia.. they were number 4

You:  country in europe

You:  JNA

You:  thats how their military was called

Stranger:  after ww1 or maybe more?

You:  tow

You:  two*

You:  4th strongest pressure in the european union

Stranger:  yeah, because jugoslavia

You:  till 90s

Stranger:  mantained sort of independence from the russians Unfamiliar person:  thanks for the guerrilla rivalry of perico

Stranger:  unlike of various other balkan claims which wer enemies from the russians and became eventually puppet states You:  tito built yugoslavia extremely powerfull

You:  until battles

You:  in 90s

You:  they were 4th in europe

Stranger:  the issue with jugoslavia was your new trend of nationalism Stranger:  which followed the fall of communism

You:  yes

You:  exactly

Unfamiliar person:  then

New person:  serbia attempted to mantain control

Stranger:  but whitout communism it was not only a matter of federation anymore, and other peoples just saw serbia as a great enemy Unfamiliar person:  so they will let slovenia go

Stranger:  while germany supported croatia

Stranger:  in the end serbians just tried to settle accounts with muslims Stranger:  until the NATO intervened

You:  yes

You:  and continue to nato

You:  afraid

You:  to get into serbia

You:  cuz excessive losses

You:  they simply bombed it

Stranger:  well air electricity is extremely effective, land attack can be extremely pricey Stranger:  look at afghanistan

Stranger:  meanwhile air power cannot be defated whitout a solid industrial foundation Stranger:  i can remember the time of the bombings

Stranger:  in the 90's

You:  yes

You:  but

You:  they afraid of serbian army electrical power

You:  cuz they would possess big deficits

You:  not like in afganistan or iraq

You:  they were anticipating

You:  massive losses in serbia

New person:  if you think of it, there is not really purpose to seep into serbia Unfamiliar person:  while people in the usa wanted to overcome iraq to be able to control this Stranger:  the NATO desired goals in serbia were to prohibit serbia to mantain control on the past jugoslavian royaume You:  yes.. and to have Kosovo

You:  for

You:  money...