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Gregory Allen Maddux.

Hero, a person distinguished with courage and ability, a guy that came up from low income and developed into one of the greatest major league baseball players at any time. When it is comes to baseball hearing the phrase hero you think of a certain amount of people and Greg was one of them. The moment Greg gained his funds he makes a decision to donate his cash to help children that were unprivileged and disable. He was as well know as being a good sport on and off the field. Greg Maddux, what cant persons not say about him? He has completed so much through his profession. He was selected right out of high institution and became one of the most well known

pitchers in history. He became most well known when he was drew up to the The atlanta area Braves. This individual

is one of the smartest and most clever pitchers at any time. Greg Maddux is probably the best

glass pitcher in all of baseball along with Roger Clemens. She has much more brilliant than I actually am

because he noesn't need a ninety five or 98 mph fastball. I would tell any pitcher who wants to end up being

good to watch him, because he's the true meaning of a pitcher. " -- Randy Manley

Greg was often known as a very completely happy person. It is said you under no circumstances say him mad because he only

enjoyed the game to acquire fun.

Obstacles and struggles, does not everyone make them sometime yet another. So naturally Greg ran into several through out his career. But what separates him most from the other athletes' is that he just played because he loved the game. Unlike various other players whom only played for the money and fame. Persons don't think he can ever stop. Greg really had to deal with his concerns by himself so in retrospect most people think that he is difficult and he can handle anything that gets in the way.

His mentor anyone asks. His advisor was his dad he always helped through all of the...

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