hallo Composition

In the exam you will be required to make a text according to a particular purpose and audience. You will need to complete a for a longer time writing job and a shorter composing task. You should spend about 25 minutes on question 5 in fact it is worth sixteen marks. You must spend 35 minutes about question six and it is worth 24 Markings. We inform you to total question six before query 5 since it is worth the most marks.

When you read the issue you should determine the PAFL. PAFL means purpose, viewers, format and language. This will help to you understand exactly what you are staying asked to perform. Purpose – What is this text for? To argue, convince or recommend? Does it entertain? Audience – Who is the intended viewers? What lets you know this through the language and presentational equipment? Format – What ‘shape' is the text? Is it an article or website? Is it an advert, leaflet, poster or another thing? How do you know? What lets you know this?

Language – Precisely what is the tone? Fast or perhaps slow? Is it angry, relaxed, uplifting, wondrous or something else? What dialect techniques are used to appeal for the audience?

Look at the next example pertaining to how to use PAFL on the issue

5. Yourschoolorcollegeisinvitingentriesforawritingcompetition. Thetopicis " Dangeroussportsactivitiesandpastimesareselfish, oftenputothersatrisk andshouldbediscouraged. ”



6. ‘Lifeistooeasyforyoungpeopletoday. Theylackchallengesanddon'thave tofightforanything. '

Writeanarticleforamagazineofyourchoicewhichpersuadesyourreaders thatthisstatementiseitherrightorwrong.


7. Writeanarticleforanenvironmentalwebsitewhicharguesfororagainst



8. ‘Sportsstarsaregoodrolemodelsforyoungpeople. 'Writeanarticlefora magazineofyourchoicearguingforor


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