High School: Out Together with the Old and In With the Fresh

 High School: Away With the Old and In With all the New Dissertation

Robert Sorensen

Mentor Edmunds

The english language 1A MW 4pm

Writing Assignment 1

High School: Out With the Old and In With the New

When ever most people think about high school, they presume about entertaining times without responsibility. Rarely does someone look as well as think that that played the role in preparing them for university and the rigors of the actual. There is a great epidemic failure to properly make high school students as a result of current system in which they may be enrolled. Teachers are faltering to teach, Mom and dad are failing to motivate, and students take no responsibility or answerability for their individual actions. As well loose independence, too much focus on personality creation, and its side effects are often losing moral restraining. The educational foundation of our contemporary society has been eroded to the point of risking the future of each of our country and its inhabitants. High school graduation, in the type that it is in today, needs to be discarded and should trigger a new and improved framework.

To start with, one of the many issues in the high school product is social segregation and classes amongst the students. What I mean with this is that parents, teachers, and also other students quite often are partial to the " popular” learners because of their athletic skill or charismatic behavior. These are not bad things to possess, but will it mean they deserve unique treatment? Simply no, in fact , it should be the students that perform in their classroom that should obtain such recognition. When we convert these players into characters, we cripple them. They may go through existence thinking that they can be better than particular people and they will have not learned the value of work upon graduation. High school has to be more regarding educating learners rather than drooling over sportsmen with poor academic shows that we excuse because of their flaming hormones.

In the book, " Bleachers”, Neely Crenshaw can be described as high school quarterback and a king among his peers. From an extremely young...

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