Homelessness Discursive

 Homelessness Bright Essay

Homelessness is viewed as a debatable subject that statistics show is on the maximize. This makes homelessness a problem in society that cannot be disregarded. Firstly, allow us to examine a few of the causes of homelessness and opinions about the homeless and from the desolate. Also, let us examine a lot of initiatives that might help or solve the problem of homelessness.

Following extensive study, it can be noticed that there are many and varied reasons for turning out to be homeless just like: family complications, debt, beverage and drug abuse and disputes in a family. Some people who become destitute are homeless because of debts. This happens when people you don't have enough cash and have to borrow financial loans which they are not able to pay back. This can lead to homelessness.

The following rates are taken from case research of a lot of homeless people; they inform us how their personal situations lead to homelessness. Mary, who is a " bag lady” is in her early 50s and are not able to remember how much time she has recently been homeless:

" I‘m similar to this because everyone died… I really could get away devoid of working because of the benefits… Mother died initially then daddy gave up some three years later… Benefits stopped… I desired to live a little so spent more than I had… I actually said I was here because everyone perished but it‘s really as a result of debt. ”

Mary's homelessness was caused by her spending more than she had and so she was forced upon the pavements. Mary was offered tips but the lady did not have it and so her only alternative was going to live on the streets as she had no relatives left or just around her to offer any practical help.

Consequently, studies have shown that homelessness is experienced by younger people as well as older people. Let us consider Kelly, who is seventeen years of age and is homeless in Aberdeen:

" My mum was told simply by my step dad which i could stay till my loved ones allowance sold out. I didn‘t go back to college when I flipped sixteen hence the benefit ended. He was as good as his expression. I traveled to my gran‘s first… nan saw myself as one of my personal mum‘s problems… When I first reached Aberdeen it had been to stay with a friend… We tried hostels so I recently had an address to apply for jobs although I didn‘t get the jobs because of my own appearance… I actually never looked best for the job… People won‘t believe that an individual can simply put you away of your own house but that‘s what happened. ”

Kelly became homeless mainly because her step dad place her away of her own home. As a result of this, Kelly became destitute. This case shows that even with relatives around them young adults can be prone and can suffer. Kelly got no real alternative but for leave home.

Contemporary society views the homeless really stereotypical way's the following persons show. Karen, who is 28 is a young mum with a part time work and provides lived in a little town most her lifestyle, explains why she feels people become homeless:

" I will cross the road just before I would go them… I used to go to college or university in Edinburgh and I will see them at the station… They are generally junkies… We don‘t know where they will get the cash to drink is to do drugs nonetheless it must come from somewhere. ”

Alison is a housewife having a part time job and three children and she responses:

" Once i come into community on the train… I are put off while i see destitute people. I always feel, when thy plead for money, they are trying to cause me to feel feel guilty… As a friends and family, we work harder to obtain what we need… I would somewhat give my money into a proper charitable organisation. ”

The above comments suggest that most homeless people consider drugs and drink and also that they will not work hard enough to receive what they require. Both Karen and Alison fail to view the individual person as every they find are people to be criticised and averted.

Some homeless people still find it very difficult to seek help if they are seen simply as a belief; peoples gestures as they walk past can easily lower the self esteem in the homeless and make them feel like they are certainly not wanted and thus feel they can not go to anybody for help. Stereotypical landscapes are hazardous.

Homeless persons can feel...