Hudud Legislation

 Hudud Law Essay



18 OCTOBER 2002M as well as 11 SYAABAN 1423H



My Well known Friday Members,

Today, through various press, we hear more voices for the implementation of the Shariah or Islamic Rules. In this wide open environment and with the advancement of Information Technology, the Muslim community in Singapore would have absolutely heard some of these calls thus follow their developments as well as discuss and debate about this. The non-muslim community as well would be aware about such cell phone calls as such concerns i. electronic. to sanction hudud laws and regulations in adjoining countries happen to be covered by the neighborhood media. This may surely increase questions regarding the Muslim community's stand on this concern.

My special brothers,

Islamic scholars have got given several interpretations of the word " syariah”. Some of them have given general meanings while others possess chosen to become specific. However, what is essential of the Ummah is to try out Islam as a way of life. ALLAH Al-Mighty says inside the Quran,


" Anybody desires A Religion other than Islam (submission to God), Hardly ever will it be approved of him; and in the hereafter He will probably be in the ranks of those who have lost (all religious good)” (Ali-Imran: 85)

The Islam that has to be resided and implemented is a faith of three basic elements – Aqeedah or the Islamic Creed, Ibadah or Rituals & Practises and Jurisprudence or more known as the Fiqh and thirdly, Akhlaq or Noble Character and Etiquettes.

Every single of those 3 elements have their own elaborations and importance and focal points and can not be neglected.

Appropriately, when we talk about implementing Shariah in its basic and vast term we. e. employing Islam as a means of your life, it means for getting the true aqidah or Islamic creed, the just and correct tendu and commendable characters.

Then when we discuss implementing the Shariah in its specific model that is Shariah meaning Fiqh or Jurisprudence such as hudud laws, all of us cannot disregard the other two elements we. e. to generate the Islamic creed and inculcate the akhlaq or perhaps noble characters. Infact, the Islamic creed has to be the basis for implementing the laws and regulations, and the implementing of laws and regulations should be consonant with seeing high criteria of moral.

Will not suffice to get a Muslim to have faith and proclaim his Islam, however, not to observe the laws and the moral standards, and otherwise too.

We notice people saying " So why must all of us do this which …. more importantly, we must include good minds. Why need to we do that and that …. if the character remains to be bad. Is usually not this content of Islamic teachings crucial, not the form of it? ”

These are unsound sayings, since if we should be accept the argument that " in addition important is a good cardiovascular system …. even greater important is definitely the content, not really the form”, people would then include reasons to not really carry out almost all religious requirements. People will start saying, for what reason pray, in the event you still do incorrect things, how come go to haj, if you continue to don't abstain yourself from doing wrong, why quickly, only to be hungry, even greater important should be to have a good heart!! Alternatively, we should recognize that someone who practises Islam is not divinely protected by sins. Therefore , it is possible to get a muslim girl with hijab but doing sins, just like gossipping or slandering. In this case, ALLAH will reward her for her hijab, yet at the same time, punish her for gossipping and her other sins.

My Special Brothers,

Among the most talked about areas of Islamic Tendu these days is the implementation of hudud laws and regulations.

Hudud regulations is one of the 3 types of Criminal Regulation in Islam. Hudud formerly means boundaries or whatever ALLAH forbids us coming from doing. THOR says inside the Holy Quran;


" Those will be the Limits (set by) Goodness; Approach not really nigh thereto. ” (Al-Baqarah: 187)

In the context of Islamic Criminal Laws, hudud means most offences performed not upon humans and carry certain...