Ice Cream Time

 Ice Cream Period Research Conventional paper

Jimmy O'Grady

Mrs. Jensen

English 101-014

30 The fall of 2012

Ice Cream Time

Thesis: This Breyers Blasts advertising campaign is effective towards families that consume ice cream collectively, the advertisement has a very attractive image, encourages families as well try the blasts ice cream, and emphasizes that eating Breyers Blasts will bring family members closer jointly.

My spouse and i. The Breyers Blasts ad has a extremely eye catching picture that activates the reader to look further more into it.

A. The reader's eyes are drawn straight to the scoop of ice cream overflowing with


B. The advertisement implies that Breyers has its own different tastes of ice cream.

2. The Breyers Blasts ad effectively stimulates families to try the Breyers Blasts ice cream. A. The text remarks that it is overflowing with your family's favorite cookies and sweets. B. When the reader looks at the advertisement they will know who makes the goodies. III. The context from the Breyers Blasts advertisement works well by having the cabability to emphasize that eating Breyers Blasts this will bring the viewers family deeper together.

A. Tells the reader that this can be described as family goodies and everyone in the family can easily have their individual flavor.

N. Southern living is a publication that would be examine by someone most likely within a family, and this is the best ice cream for a relatives to share period with each other.

Jimmy O'Grady

Mrs. Jensen

English language 101-014

30 November 2012

Ice Cream Time

Every relatives needs time for you to just sit have period with each other. If someone examining Southern Living magazine and saw the advertisement that Breyers ice cream of the new Breyers Blasts ice cream. This Breyers Blasts ad is effective to families that consume ice cream jointly, the advertisement provides a very attractive image, encourages families also try the blasts your favorite ice cream, and emphasizes that consuming Breyers Blasts will bring...

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