"If I Could Tell You" W. They would. Auden

 «If I really could Tell You» W. L. Auden Essay

" If I Can Tell You" Analysis

In " If I Could Inform You" W. H. Auden uses personification, repetition and imagery to be able to prove the purpose; you must live your life like you don’t have time kept. Auden offers a vast setting over all. You will find two primary characters; Auden and period. The dialogue is in first person and he could be speaking to some one he likes you.

Auden uses personification to provide life to time. This shows just how time is the keeper of our destiny. This individual personifies time because he will not know how to answer the subject of the poem. Which can be, we do not know what will happen down the road only time know. With line 1 he should go " Period will say only I told you so". He admits that this to prove time knows everthing but period can not tell you.

Auden uses repetition to get a composition to the poem. Auden repeats the lines. " Merely could tell you I would let you know" and " Time will say simply I told you so". thoes lines happen to be emphasized in this poem to repeat the real meaning; which can be about existence and time. That is why he repeats the phrase time, similar to line 1, to stress it is importance and how it isolates the two fans. He just mentions " love" once on line eight; but it advises time's superiority over love. Though he still seems the feeling. He is aiming to tell the person he is discussing with that in case you wait for things happen life will move you by simply, suggested in the last stanza " Suppose the lions all get out of bed and get, and all the brooks and soldiers run away; time will say nothing but My spouse and i told you therefore. "

Auden uses imagery to paint the story of your life in your mind. This poem works on the lot of imagery to fresh paint a picture of life in your thoughts. Lines including:

" If we should leak when clowns put on their very own show. " " If we should bumble when artists play" " The winds must come from somewhere after they blow, There must be reason why the leaves corrosion; " " Perhaps the roses really want to grow, " " Suppose longshots all get up and go, And the creeks and military run away; ". All of...