Separate Peace

 Separate Tranquility Essay

Coming from a young age, we are trained that durability of figure leads to achievement. In colleges and in homes across the world, young adults are educated basic things such as: kindness, writing politeness and good joy. In A Separate Peace, creator John Knowles shows us how strength of character impacts Phineas's and Gene's relationship as well as the course their lives consider. Lance Armstrong's recent land from elegance as reported in (site 3 sources) also suggests how power of personality impacts his downfall. Debatably, people need to develop good character qualities in order to do well and get along with each other. But sometimes life is not that neat and straightforward. Character advantages are questioned in a globe filled with demands resulting from unforeseen surprises and unbearable targets. These difficulties result in interior struggles that Phineas and Lance Armstrong cannot conquer with their strength of persona. Having a strong character will not always cause good outcomes.

The character talents of Phineas and Lance Armstrong get them to both powerful and adored. Firstly, Phineas is loved because he creates harmony although Armstrong is loved because of his charity personality. Following Phineas dies, his closest friend, Gene, praises him: " He held an extra vigor, a heightened self-confidence in himself, a serene convenience of affection which usually saved him. Nothing, as he was growing up at home, nothing in Devon, nothing about the war acquired broken his harmonious and natural unity" (Knowles 202-203). It is noticeable throughout the novel that Phineas' harmonious features set him apart from his peers and made others take pleasure in him. Irrespective of Gene's hard feelings for Phineas, he compliments his dead good friend for having attributes that made peace rather than war. It is usually inferred that others, with no hard emotions against Phineas, have simply kind feelings for him. Phineas adores nothing more than to get friends with each other for a game titles and fun. At the carnival he organizes, but simply cannot participate in as a result of his lower leg...