1. Symbolab polynomial essay
Symbolab polynomial essay

Symbolab polynomial essay

Factor polynomials step-by-step

Algebra More indulgent Sheet

Number Rules

Expand Rules

-(a\pm b)=-a\mp ba(b+c)=ab+ac

a(b+c)(d+e)=abd+abe+acd+ace (a+b)(c+d)=ac+ad+bc+bd


Fractions Rules

\frac{0}{a}=0 \: ,\: a\ne 0\frac{a}{1}=a





\frac{a}{\frac{b}{c}}=\frac{a\cdot articling agrologist method ontario essay \cdot a}


Absolute Rules

\left|-a\right|=a\left|a\right|=a \: ,\: a\ge0

\left| -a \right| = \left| a good \right| \left| ax\right| = some sort of \left| x\right| \:\: a\ge 0

Exponent Rules


a^{0}=1\:,\: a\ne 00^{a}=0\:,\: a\ne 0

(ab)^n=a^{n}b^{n}\frac{a^m}{a^n}=a^{m-n}\:,\: m>n

\frac{a^m}{a^n}=\frac{1}{a^{n-m}}\:,\: n>ma^{b+c}=a^{b}a^{c}

(a^{b})^{c}=a^{b\cdot c}a^{bx}=(a^b)^x

(\frac{a}{b})^{c}=\frac{a^{c}}{b^{c}}a^c \cdot b^c=(a\cdot b)^{c}

Radical Rules






Factor Bradbury insurance quotes essay = (x-y)(x+y)

x^{3}+y^{3} symbolab polynomial essay (x+y)(x^{2}-xy+ y^{2})

x^{n}-y^{n} = (x-y)(x^{n-1}+x^{n-2}y+ \dots + xy^{n-2} + symbolab polynomial essay = (x+y)(x^{n-1}-x^{n-2}y+ \dots -- xy^{n-2} + y^{n-1}) \quad \quad \mathrm{n\:is\:odd}

ax^(2n)-b = (\sqrt{a}x^n+\sqrt{b})(\sqrt{a}x^n-\sqrt{b})

ax^(4)-b = (\sqrt{a}x^2+\sqrt{b})(\sqrt{a}x^2-\sqrt{b})

ax^(2n)-by^(2m) = (\sqrt{a}x^n+\sqrt{b}y^m)(\sqrt{a}x^n-\sqrt{b}y^m)

ax^(4)-by^(4) = (\sqrt{a}x^2+\sqrt{b}y^2)(\sqrt{a}x^2-\sqrt{b}y^2)

Factorial Rules

\frac{n!}{(n+m)!}=\frac{1}{(n+1)\cdot(n+2)\cdots(n+m)}\frac{n!}{(n-m)!}=n\cdot(n-1)\cdots(n-m+1), n>m

0!=1n!=1\cdot2\cdots(n-2)\cdot(n-1)\cdot n

Log Rules









\log_{a}(b)=\mathrm{Undefined}\:,\: a\le0\log_{a}(b)=\mathrm{Undefined}\:,\: b\le0


Complex Number Rules




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