Informative Speech Outline more than Date Rape

 Essay regarding Informative Speech Outline more than Date Rape

Conversation Outline

Name: Date afeitado

General Purpose: To inform

Particular Purpose: To tell my target audience about day rape.

Thesis Assertion: Today I'm going to talk to you about particular date rape, or perhaps acquaintance rape…what it is, just how it occurs, how you can guard yourself, and what to do in case you become a sufferer.


I. Attention getter: Classy song. 5.: 58-1: 26*

II. Today I am going to speak to you about date rape.

III. Audience should pay attention for two reasons:

A. All of us are vulnerable of getting this occur to us, women and men; no one is usually immune to date rape.

B. This kind of topic has its own " myths” that are quite inaccurate. IV. Thesis: Today I'm going to speak to you about date afeitado, or buddie rape…what it really is, how it occurs, how one can protect your self, and what to do if you get a victim. Change: First, let's decipher just exactly what is particular date rape.


I actually What is it?

A: Forced sexual get in touch with

B: In respect to womenshealth. gov, 50% of people raped know the rapist 1 . Ladies: main subjects according to (1 in 4 university women)

2 . Men: as well victims (1 in twelve college men)

C: Certainly not about sexual or enthusiasm

1 . Love is not a factor

installment payments on your Aggression/violence

G: Always the fault of the rapist.

Transition…. (next…)

II Just how it happens.

A: Placing

1 . Anywhere

2 . Any time

B: Prescription drugs

1 . GHB

2 . Roofies

a. Trigger feeling paralyzed

b. Cause lack of storage

c. Cause blurred eye-sight

C: Alcohol

1 . Dulls common sense

2 . Loosens senses

3. Enables aggressive inclinations occur

a. often used since an excuse

w. having sex with an drunk person is legally rasurado

D: In line with the Women's Center of Harrisburg, 53% of cases require drugs or alcohol

Electronic: Threats

F: Physical vices

Transition…(now a few look at…)

III The best way to protect yourself.

A: Order your own drink

1 . Watch it prepared

installment payments on your Do not sit it down

B: Go out in groupings.

C: Steer clear of secluded places

D: If you are threatened, ask for help...

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