Insight around the Sona of the Philippine President

 Insight around the Sona from the Philippine Director Essay

Reflection and Insights from the S. U. N. A. of the Leader of the Korea as of Come july 1st 22, 2013.

As of July 22, 2013, the director had started his Condition of the Country Address regarding the current circumstance of the region. At first he previously thoroughly distinguished the differences of any crooked route which problem is impending and a straight path taking greatness into a country that was quite comparable to his earlier election advertisments. The initial issue was simply the disappearing of cash wherein 70 percent (1. some Billion Pesos) of the calamity fund well worth 2 Billion dollars Pesos since the year 2010 is measly consumed in the rainy time excluding main typhoon strikes and disasters. He as well indicated which the province of Pampanga received 108 , 000, 000 Pesos during the opposite the province of Pangasinan which was seriously affected by Hurricane Pepeng received a mere five million Pesos, though minimally supported Pangasinan is pressured only to resolve damages created by a previous hurricane (Cosme) as opposed to the current real estate damage caused by the typhoon. Another unexpected issue may be the unusual salaries of MWSS employees particularly the board of trustees. The entire payroll is usually to be 51. 5 million pesos annually although reaches a staggering amount of 211. five million pesos since 81. 1 mil pesos are definitely the additional allowances and rewards. From the presented a member of staff in MWSS earns an equal of a twenty five month shell out of a frequent worker annually. Sadly, individuals who have retired aren't given their very own right amount of pension because of the high salaries of the panel of trustees and plank committee the particular specific people are awarded merely of their presence in board meeting. They were after that known to be since the former president Arroyo's midnight appointees.

One more issue can be infrastructures wherever DPWH discovered 246 priority safety tasks yet just 28 tasks are funded while the others are replaced with 70 fresh projects unenclosed in the ideas. What's even worse is through the 425 , 000, 000 pesos allotted for...