Intergrative Approaches

 Intergrative Techniques Essay

A 4-MAT Assessment System: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Entwistle, G. (2010). Integrative Approaches to Mindset and Christianity. Eugene, Or: Wipf and Stock Writers. Summary

Entwistle (2010) from this book tackles the question: Can be integration of Psychology and Theology Important or even feasible. The Publication of The lord's Word (scripture) and the Publication of God's Work (creation) provides even more insight about how or perhaps if this kind of question can be fully clarified.

Throughout history have been conflict and power have difficulty; with trust and religion (Theology) using one side and intellect and discipline (psychology) on the other. Entwistle (2010) states " to understand the origins and promoting factors of any issue, it is necessary to have an understanding of the worldviews of the adversaries, and to be familiar with history of the conflict”(pg156). This individual discusses five integration versions enemies, spies, colonist, neutral parties and allies because subjects of One Sovereign; these models give various ways to interpret the partnership between theology and psychology. The enemies' model perceives no connection between theology and mindset (keep separate). The spies' model can be considered espionage (only take what is needed or perhaps is useful). The colonist model simply seeks to conquer and take over. The neutral celebrations see psychology and theology as separate although equal (having good qualities on both sides). The allies as subject matter of One Full sovereign coin sees Our god as every truth and both theology an mindset as having insight and truth working together to help treat clients in general. Carter and Narramore (1979) initially known that " All reality is Gods Truth” in the book Integration of mindset and Theology: An Introduction; on the other hand science (psychology) felt that you could only believe things that could be observed and assessed. Through the analyze of mindset we strive to understand human behavior (Works of God), through Christian theology we strive to have an understanding of what it means to become...

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