net is increase

 internet can be boom Essay

п»їThe usage of internet is such a extreme improvement as well as the number of users day by day raising. Even children in school education are very much familiar regarding the internet and its usage.

when computer system are presented, people are against it, because it reduces the manpower. Nevertheless all the businesses are digital. The same scenario is going in for net usage today. Everywhere Internet. Without net, the interaction will be very challenging. The following are some of the usage of internet, which is necessary nowadays. # Bank # Railways # Airways # Travels just like Bus transportation # Educational institutions # Colleges and universities without internet they will be in very much important position. Actually to say, it is going to affect standard life of human beings Actually nowadays almost all of the houses are having internet connection to communicate with family and friends who lives abroad. One side it will help mandind whereas otherside that ruins the humanlife. Numerous sites which will uses only movie actors photos, movies and about all their personal lifestyle. Even a lot of websites will be changing the mental frame of mind of kids which makes their mind to forget about all their career. Currently so many people are going behind Online communities. This will influences the lifestyle of a region and also spoils the mind of the youngsters. Next one is forwarding the MMS clips through internet. Right now we are capable of analyze who may be responsible for these drastic changes in the mind of human beings. If the Government or perhaps the person who invented the internet, parents, friends, Social media site owners? As discussed previous, there are so many good stuff are taking place But the other side appears to be very risky So what may be the solution? Authorities should control these websites within our country. Since India is famous for tradition, traditions and praise By counseling the people is not satisfactory. By law and order just we can control. So Authorities should suggest a stringent law up against the unwanted websites....