France -- Change with time Essay (French Revolution)

 France - Change over Time Essay French Revolution

*As the title shows, this is a change/continuity AP essay crafted for Globe History class. Vaguely, the essay query was: Explain change and continuity in France in the mid-1700s to the mid-1800s. *Like many other Euro nations inside the 1700's, Portugal experienced a dramatic switch of emotions against the monarchy, nobility, and Catholic Chapel as the individuals, fired by simply rousing new Enlightenment beliefs, began to issue authority and emphasize the advantages of equality, liberty, and democracy. The sociable and politics changes in England were greatest characterized by 3 different durations - the weak monarchy of California king Louis XVI and the subsequent period of confusion after his removal by power, the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte and his downfall, and the new order caused by the Congress of Vienna; central to changes were Enlightenment effect, nationalism, and France's associations with other countries. However , regardless of the great sociable upheavals of this time period, gender roles continued to be more or less unchanged and though women acquired begun to rouse the concept of women's rights, little improved in the way that society viewed women since men even now held economical power.

England was the sophisticated country of Europe in the 1700's, house to many leading philosophers such as Voltaire and Montesquieu. Despite its popularity, it was encountering domestic lack of stability and civil unrest. The aloof Full Louis XVI paid small attention to what was happening outside the house his luxurious court and was not able to control the rebellions if they started cropping up. Goaded by Enlightenment ideas, the bottom classes began to demand equality and freedom. When all their demands are not met, they stormed the French prison Citadelle on This summer 14, 1789 and the revolution was really underway. The National Set up became the dominant personal power, depriving them of the solariego privileges with the First and Second Estates and building control over house of worship lands. It created a limited constitutional...

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