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Food is a very important part of a Filipino's life. Not any gathering can be complete without the lechon so many other Filipino delicacies we so appreciate. In my personal observation, it is usually said that Filipinos seem to live simply for the pleasure of eating. Weight loss visitINTRODUCTION Information:

Food is an important organ of a Filipino's life. No gathering will be complete with no lechon therefore many other Philippine delicacies we enjoy. Filipinos seem to live simply for the pleasure of eating, you cant go to a home without having to be offered a drink and meals from the people there. Apparently the food and the Filipino had been deeply rooted together. It could be that through food that bring the Philippine family all together. So through this thesis, the group will be going to make a thesis regarding on a Specialized Restaurant, and we choose a Filipino Restaurant, since we want to showcase our own nationwide food rather than from distinct country. Background:

History of Philippine Cuisine

By: Jennibeth Montejo Alojado

Philippine cuisine has become incredible over a lot of centuries as a result of many Latina American and Spanish dishes brought to the Philippines throughout the Spanish colonial period. They have also received varying examples of influence from Chinese, American and other Asian cuisine. Filipinos during the pre-Hispanic era in the Philippines ready food by simply boiling, piping-hot or roasting. This ranged from the usual livestock such as kalabaw or water buffalos, cow, chickens and pigs to seafoods including fish, shrimps, prawns, crustaceans and shellfish. There are a few areas in the Thailand where the wide range in their diet extended to monitor lizards, snakes and locusts.

Filipinos have been completely cultivating grain and corn since the entrance of Austronesian people from Southern Cina and Taiwan in 3200 BC. That they brought with them grain cultivation and a lot of other numerous traditions used in forms today. Pre-Hispanic trade with other Asian nations around the world...