Happiness and Hard Work

 Essay upon Happiness and Hard Work

LA Expository Essay

– What is your thought of happiness?

" Yesterday is definitely dead, another day hasn't came yet. I possess just one day time, today, and I'm going to always be happy in it. ” Groucho Marx once explained. People constantly try to overlook yesterday, dismiss tomorrow, and live through today happily. But what is joy and how can we achieve that? Happiness, is actually a positive sense that allows visitors to feel happy and not sulk. In this dissertation, I will be discussing three idea of happiness, namely, obtaining our heart's desire, obtaining our goals, and creating a loving family members. Happiness can simply be achieved if you know you are okay and completely happy.

Pleasure is accomplished when a single received one's heart desire. This is a feeling of contentment, relieve and promise following anticipation, enthusiasm and hurry. Imagine discovering something that you probably like. Nevertheless, you cannot afford that. Imagine that letdown. After a couple of month at the time you saved enough money, you went back immediately, and got it. This is the minute that you had waited for a long time. The wonderful a sense of contentment overcome you inside and you experienced so glad that all the savings repaid. This is pleasure when you received something that you probably wanted.

Happiness is accomplished when one achieved your goals with a lot of hard work. This really is a feeling of accomplishment, contentment and glee following months or years of effort, perspiration and burnt midnight oil. Perhaps you wanted to be considered a good scientist. Thus by young you started to research science hard. You would not give up during difficult moments. And after you graduated via a really good university or college, got a science degree and became a well known scientist, you felt delicious that the hard work got paid off. You had succeeded. This really is happiness at the time you achieved your goals after plenty of hard work.

Happiness is when you know your love ones are well. It is a feeling of relieve. A few weeks ago, I supported my mother to the hospital in an ambulance. She scared...