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The history of the legal profession in India can be followed back to the establishment of the First British Court in Bombay in 1672 by simply Governor Aungier. The entry of lawyers was put into the hands of the Governor-in-Council and not with all the Court. Before the establishment in the Mayor's Legal courts in 1726 in Echarpe and Calcutta, there were zero legal practitioners. The Mayor's Courts, set up in the three presidency towns, were Crown Courts with right of appeal 1st to the Governor-in-Council and an appropriate of second appeal for the Privy Council. In 1791, Judges felt the need of knowledge, and thus the role associated with an attorney to protect the rights of his client was upheld in each of the Mayor's Courts. This was done in spite of resistance from Council members or perhaps the Governor. A second principle was also founded during the period of the Mayor's Courts. This was the right to dismiss legal counsel guilty of misconduct. The initial example of termination was recorded by Mayor's Court at Echarpe which terminated attorney Smith. The Substantial Court of Judicature began by a Noble Charter in 1774. The Supreme Court docket was established because there was dissatisfaction with the weaknesses of the Court of the Gran. Similar Supreme Courts were established in Madras in 1801 and Bombay in 1823. The first barristers appeared in India following the opening in the Supreme The courtroom in Calcutta in 1774. As barristers began to enter the Courts on act as advocates, the attorneys gave up pleading and worked because solicitors. Both grades of legal practice gradually started to be distinct and separate as they were in England. Madras gained its first barrister in 1778 with Mr. Dernier-ne Sullivan. Therefore, the organization of the Great Court brought recognition, wealth and reputation to the legal profession. The charters from the Court agreed that the Key Justice and three puisne Judges end up being English barristers of by least a few years standing up. The events empowered...