Lessons Plan

 Lesson Prepare Essay

Thorough Lesson Strategy

I. Goals:

By the end of the lesson, the initially year section one students should be able to: В * Identify key word that indicates particular mathematical functions. В * Translate mental statement in equations.

2. Identify the fundamental steps in fixing word trouble.

* Fix age problems in at least 5 mins.

* Show the process in solving the Age problems.

* Demonstrate credibility through resolving and examining Age complications.

II. Subject material: Age Concerns (Elementary Algebra)

III. Guide: Textbook

Aufmann, R. And, Barker, Versus. C. and Lockwood, T. S. Start Algebra with Applications. 1898. pages 92-97. Barnett, R. Schaum's Format Series Theory and Challenges of Fundamental Algebra. 1993. pages 32-35. В 4. Materials: Coloured chalk, Adobe flash cards, visible aids, illustration board В V. Process

Teacher's Activity | Present student's Activity

A. Daily

Semi comprehensive

A Semi-Detailed Lesson Strategy


English IV

I actually. Objectives:

A. Distinguish the active and passive voice of the verb in a sentence in your essay. B. Reword the provided sentences coming from active to passive words or from passive to active В В В В words. II. Subject-Matter:

Topic: Sounds of the Verb

References: Conversation Skills 4 (Fourth Yr English) by Gabriel, Josefina and Edda Martirez, pp. 177 – 181 and General Education A+dvancement put in ENGLISH by Funk, Alfred M., s. 16. Supplies: Visual Supports, Chalk and Board

Principles Integration: To listen attentively В В В

3. Procedure:

A. Preliminary Actions

1 . Class Management

installment payments on your Prayer

a few. Greetings

5. Checking of Attendance

N. Developmental Actions

1 . Motivation

Sentence Relay

2 . Business presentation of the Topic

Reading a great Essay

three or more. Comprehension Check-Up

Raising of Basic Inquiries (WH questions) about the essay

4. Debate

* Having sentences in the essay


* Stating what voice in the verb are definitely the given phrases. Explain for what reason. (Definition) В 5. Activities