Warring Story

 My Life History Essay

Leonardo Da Vinci said these types of words and i also quote, " The most important thing is to be able at any minute to sacrifice what you happen to be for what you can become. ” These words have been a key component in my academics career and are the source of my willpower to advance my personal education. I am Dania Charles and I am from the tiny but beautiful island of St . Lucia. A country that is deep grounded in its value of education and which has cultivated two world renowned Nobel Laureates. These are but several of the driving forces that have urged me to broaden my own education and apply to the Fulbright scholarship grant program. Inside my previous degree program of Engineering Technology, my part of concentration was Architectural Drafting and Design and style, but my personal passion pertaining to the fine art also allowed me to pursue a minor in Excellent Arts; wherever I researched both Studio room and Digital art and also had a alone senior exhibition. These applications granted me personally the opportunity to gain knowledge in both the arts and architectural. From studies of color and structure, to the style of machine elements, I have obtained a great knowledge of both the arts and sciences, with the aim of entering an architecture put in which I may merge this kind of knowledge and bring my creative ideas to our lives. From a really early age I've valued education and recently been an educator me with an Associates level in Major School Education and seven years of educating experience. But it is my passion pertaining to the innovative arts and a keen focus on detail and design which has compelled myself to apply to this program. I possess also participated in many research activities and symposiums, together with a research internship at the college of Municipal Engineering at Purdue University. During my research in the section of New Engineering, Used to do a preliminary optic analysis by using an External Substance Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) underneath the guidance of Dr Ming Qu. We also would extensive books reviews within the history and geometry of solar power collectors. This...