Management Trainee Job Description

 Essay in Management Student Job Description

Management Trainee Task Description

The organization will be replacing environmentally friendly Services Supervisor within the next 36 months when the incumbent retires. In preparation for this vacancy, I have prepared a trainee task description pertaining to the heir. To create the position description, I used the job analysis technique (Ivancevich, 2001, chap. 6), the JASR method (Hartley, 2004), critical incident technique (Ivancevich, buck. 6), and archival task descriptions to gather data. The " task analysis supplies critically important details that will guide management decision-making” (Chang & Kleiner, 2002, p. 73) and provides a plan of the requirements for the successful trainee. As the trainee evolves, he will undertake more responsibility and eventually anticipate to succeed the existing manager.


Environmental Solutions Manager – Trainee

Company Relationships:

The student will report to the Environmental Solutions Manager. The trainee can supervise the Environmental Services Specialist and support staff. The trainee will certainly coordinate with other department representatives and staff.

Position Synopsis:

The trainee will assist management to accomplish an efficient operation in the Executive Department through all stages of solid waste and recycling businesses, groundwater safety and flood protection, noticing and complying with procedures, provincial and federal laws.

Essential Capabilities:

The trainee will be accountable for:

•the efficient operation of the landfill site, which include liaison with and direction to contractor(s) operating at the landfill; make recommendations on increasing work methods; and help with the supervision of the landfill contract; •interpreting and studying groundwater and surface water monitoring data, and producing recommendations relating to groundwater and surface drinking water monitoring about organization possessed property; •carrying out investigations relating to...

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