Marketing Internship Final Statement

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MKT 353 Advertising Department Internship

Final Report

Fall 2004

1 . Short description from the company as well as marketing strategy.

Bolthouse Farms is a family members company known for their quality high quality fresh create and development. They are a 4th era family farmville farm since 1915. As a head in their industry, Bolthouse Facilities is the #1 baby carrot producer in the world. With above 2, 500 employees, the organization produces above 35, 000 tons of carrot products each month.

After more than eighty five years of farming, the company recently developed a fresh line of delightful yet healthier fruit and vegetable drinks. They determine that what better way can there be to get the five servings of fruits and vegetables per day than in a convenient beverage. The main selling point of this product line is that each taste is completely juice, 100% natural and 0% coming from concentrate. The juice is manufactured out of superior substances and uses better production techniques. The organization aims to cater the drink to particular grocery store stores whose buyers can afford to pay the extra funds on top quality products, as their prices show not to become cheap.

II. Internship Goals: condition the desired goals of your internship and which ones were achieved during the internships.

The primary goal I desired to achieve through this internships was to be able to apply and discover through first hand experience class knowledge of introductory marketing getting used in the genuine, working community. After completing my own internship, I used to be satisfied with my personal experience mainly because I was in a position to apply the things i learned in their classroom to my work with Bolthouse Farms. To know what I learned in the simply marketing category (MKT 337) I had ever taken prior to my internship made me delighted because I actually realized that even the introductory course was useful.

My different goal of the internship was going to learn important concepts of real world promoting that I cannot have learned in their classroom. However , this kind of goal of mine was harder to attain because I did not gain fresh knowledge that I did not already master in the classroom. Relatively I think of this as a positive thing because which means either that my preliminary MKT 337 class covered all the crucial concepts. In other ways, lacking learned some other information via outside my personal classroom understanding could be known as negative mainly because perhaps my personal internship was not encompassing enough.

a few. Work Performed: describe the nature of the work that you did over the internship, specifying 1 . Initial job tasks

2 . Changes in job opportunity over the internships.

Inside my initial interview with Sarah Patterson, would you eventually become my director, she got explained what would be the internship position's responsibilities. She discussed that Bolthouse Farms' drink line was a relatively new merchandise and they needed help developing the merchandise. My responsibilities included conducting presentations for buyers to sample, visiting retailers, managing retail outlet audits, and working to create good associations with Create Managers and staff. At that time, in the Harrisburg market region, the Bolthouse Farms juice was limited in the develop departments in Whole Foods Market, Very Targets, and Costco. Generally there had been a few other stores nevertheless either individuals grocer corporations had sealed down in the Texas place or Bolthouse Farms experienced chosen to take out of those shops. Still, with those 3 grocer firms in Houston, visiting the stores and looking into the products would take up the large component to my time since the retailers were located all over the metropolis, from the far north to the extreme southern region. On my tailing day with Sarah, the lady took me around to visit the complete Foods around Houston. She introduced me personally to the managers as well as the drink. There were an overall total of seven flavors at that time: Carrot, Lemon, Passion Fresh fruit, Vedge, Green Goodness, Blood Banana, and Perfectly Healthy proteins....