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Driving down Interstate 4 passing plonked downtown Orlando, florida I could not really help although notice all the beer billboards, there was 1 after an additional, after an additional. One that especially stood to be able to me was the Corona Extra beer billboard. The beautiful pristine beach plus the glistening green water hit my focus right away. I came to realization that these pictures where everywhere. When I initially saw the image I imaged a dark beer on the beach front in South america somewhere then I begun to explore the actual meaning from the billboard. This advertisement was built to pull my interest away from the highway and cause me to feel think about the beverage. The content, framework, angle, emphasis, lighting, feel, and relevance were every carefully created to make me wish this product.

Every little piece of content within this billboard contains a job. The layout of the graphic included the paradise beach scene with a frosty beverage in the yellow sand and a lady in a bikini lying in the water. Although the advertisement can be promoting Halo Extra, this seemed as though it had been promoting a provocative dude lying inside the water. Your woman seemed even more prominent than the beer. The girl was the focal point while the ale was put in the lower proper hand part. Everything was placed purposely in the limitations of the body. The women was mid-center laying half inside the water 50 percent in the sand, the ale was nicely placed to where the logo design was visible half inside the sand plus the catch key phrase was placed in the left corner. The slogan read, " Discover your beach front. ” The slogan was at the same font as the emblem on the ale but bolded enough to where you can examine it on a quick travel by. Direct sunlight was showing perfectly off the blue seas and the nicely shaped human body in the bikini, as they had been the center of attention. In the background stood a couple of palm trees populated together plus the Corona and lime indirect. The whole billboard was set up evenly and symmetrical. Every single piece of the image seemed to be sent out...