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Food Best practice rules

1) Women from the kol tribe in central India are seen to eat all their placenta as they believe this aids reproductive : functions. Although in english culture this might be frowned upon. 2a) In chinese culture, chop sticks are often used as a means of consuming. This is a chinese tradition that has developed into many different countries and now a lot of people do it. b) Things like roast turkey or perhaps goose are traditionally eaten at the holiday season in united kingdom culture. Shuttle bus Norms

1) To make sure you're able to your vacation spot on time, people should not affect the driver because they are loud or perhaps causing difficulties with other people as this might result in an accident. 2) Should you get on a bus as well as the number of seats available is low, in that case sitting next to someone might be better than standing. However you could give you a seat on with someone who requires it even more, e. g. elderley person. 3) Getting polite at the time you sit subsequent to the person if you do not know them. 4) The three year old may cry or end up being noisy and distracting to other passengers. The child might not sit continue to in their seats and may make an effort to run up and down the passageway. However a grown-up would not take action in this way, this shows all of us that rules are different among different age ranges. Status and Role

1a) The rules of a student are following the rules a teacher has set and studying inside and outside from the classroom. b) Society desires different behaviour and behaviours from children. Gender socialization is the inclination for young boys and girls to be socialized differently. Males are brought up to take on you gender position and women are brought up to take on women gender part. Individual and Society

Think about GCSE options and A good choices you could have the freedom to pick whichever subject matter you need, however you can simply choose based upon your capability so the flexibility can be limited. The choices is made can be affected by your parents as they might want you to go down a certain employment opportunity therefore make an effort to persuade you...