LABORATORY RECORD Activity two Twitch Spasms and Summation Name Teacher Date FORECASTS Effect of Muscle fibre Length on Contraction 1 ) As muscle fiber length improves Effect of Excitement Frequency on Contraction 2 . As the frequency of stimulation boosts, the push of contraction MATERIALS AND METHODS Measurement of Tolerance Stimulus 1 ) Dependent Variable 2 . 3rd party Variable a few. Controlled Factors Effect of Muscle mass Length on Contraction 1 . Dependent Changing 2 . Independent Variable 3. Controlled Parameters Effect of Stimulation Frequency in Contraction 1 . Dependent Variable 2 . Impartial Variable three or more. Controlled Factors 4. What structure was stimulated to cause a muscle tissue contraction your five. Explain why the temperature of the water bathtub was 35C (95 F). 6. At a excitement frequency of 15 Hertz how a large number of stimuli are there per second RESULTS Discover Table some Measurement of Threshold Government See Chart Effect of Activation Value about Twitch Compression Force 1 . What is the threshold stimulus 2 . Precisely what is the maximum pressure generated in the threshold stimulation 3. How can increasing voltage above tolerance stimulus influence force advancement See Desk 5 Muscle mass Length and Contraction Force See Graph Effect of Muscle Fiber Length in Contraction Force 4. The thing that was the pressure of shrinkage at a muscle period of 7. zero mm five. What was the optimal muscle span (muscle duration that generated the maximum force) 6. What was the maximum force generated for optimal size 7. How can increasing muscle fiber length impact force of muscle anxiete See Stand 6 Activation Frequency and Contraction Force See Graph Effect of Arousal Frequency about Contraction Force 8. The thing that was the force of shrinkage at a stimulation consistency of 22. 5 9. At what regularity of arousal was the maximum force made 10. The thing that was the maximum force generated through this experiment 11. How does increasing stimulation frequency affect power production DISCUSSION 1 . Explain why muscle tissue contraction...