Memo Essay

п»їinteroffice memorandum


rassy Brownish, project bouffer


apoorva kandya & ankit malik, assistant task manager

subject matter:

nightingale project


The objective of writing this memo is usually to state the critical elements and activities which present a threat for the completion of Nightingale Project promptly. In order to present 30 doing work models of the hand held electronic medical reference guide intended for the MedCon, the project should get more than by twenty fifth October. But since per the scheduled activities, it will get over by 19th December bringing out a separation of 46 working days. The critical activities due to the project is not able to meet up with its deadline are: Task Name


Architectural decisions

10 days

Feature specifications

15 days


40 days

Assessment design



two weeks

Procure modele components

twenty days

Put together prototypes

10 days

Lab test prototypes

twenty days

Field test prototypes

20 days

Adjust design and style

20 days and nights

Order stock parts

15 days

Build first creation unit

10 days

Test product

10 days

Generate 30 products

15 days

Educate sales reps

10 days

From the above stated activities, Database, Researching design, undertaking lab tests and field testing on representative models are some activities on which if perhaps time cut is decreased can bring the schedule promptly. Moreover, keeping the first mover's advantage into account, instead of creating 30 devices, the project can be inclined to create 5 units to get display in the trade demonstrate and then produce the equipment as per the orders after MedCon. The network is insensitive because of the subsequent reasons, Firstly, the constant critical path is definitely unlikely to modify within the course duration of job under typical circumstances. Second, only one important path automatically reduces the sensitivity in the network.