Slight Intellectual Impairment

 Mild Mental Disability Study Paper

Pupils with gentle intellectual problems usually demonstrate adaptive behavioral skills drastically below average. Adaptable behavior includes social, conceptual, and practical skills employ by people on a daily basis. Students with gentle intellectual disabilities also have a great IQ lower than 98% with their school era peers (Rosenberg M. S i9000., Westling, D. L. and McLeskey L., 2012)


Easily sidetracked

Deficits in memory and motivation

Poor social skills

Low success in all academic areas (Rosenberg M. H., Westling, G. L. and McLeskey L., 2012)


These students are included in general education classrooms. Gentle intellectual problems can sometimes be incorrectly attached to students from broadly diverse qualification that in fact is excessive functioning. Early on intervention work can reduce the occurrence of mild intellectual disabilities (Rosenberg M. S i9000., Westling, Deb. L. and McLeskey T., 2012)

Educational practices

Study reveals the particular students can learn more than previously assumed. However , these students do need more time to learn and take advantage of effective training practices than any other students (Rosenberg M. H., Westling, G. L. and McLeskey J., 2012)


Intellectual problems persist during school years and in adulthood. Adults with moderate intellectual afflictions are often employed in occupations with low pay, low position, and executing repetitive or perhaps simple tasks (Horowitz, Education. D. T. H, 2012)


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