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MMT2 Activity 2 – Communication Program


A. Communication Cover Implementing Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System The SWOT analysis carried out on AEnergy's current THIS infrastructure uncovered some threats and options that must be effectively addressed in order to prepare the corporation for the planned development into the east coast. One of many threats recognized was the weakness of the wireless network. The proposed technology initiative decided as the perfect solution is to the problem is to apply an adaptive wireless invasion prevention program. As discovered in the SWOT analysis, adaptive wireless intrusion prevention is a wireless network security procedure that can be incorporated into wireless network infrastructures to supply wireless-specific network threat recognition and mitigation against harmful attacks, protection vulnerabilities, and sources of functionality disruption.

Interaction Objectives

The primary objective on this communication program is to make certain that both external and internal stakeholders understand the reason behind the decision to follow the suggested technology motivation described over; how it will probably be planned for; and when adjustments will be implemented. This is to hold the stakeholders informed and in addition enable them to participate in the implementation method as essential. The plan will even describe the way the initiative is going to satisfy the requirements of each band of stakeholders. Finally, a proper connection medium will be employed to make sure each stakeholder group gets the disseminated information promptly and in the right format.


Internal Stakeholders


Sabelle Arnold, Executive Director and Owner

MMT2 Task two – Connection Plan


Cameron Kern, IT Supervisor


Rory Tysoh, Machine Manager

three or more

External Stakeholders


Firm shareholders


Current clientele, vendors and partners of AEnergy

Communicating with Internal Stakeholders

Communication with the identified internal stakeholders will be done generally through face-to-face meetings in the company's seminar room and also through convention calls with remote stakeholders. Follow-up connection will be done via email. I will initiate the connection by welcoming the internal stakeholders to a meeting with an agenda to review the update plans and begin the process of rendering.

At the appointment, I will report the CTO's tentative acceptance of the suggested upgrade strategy and also present the update plan in depth. The in depth upgrade program will include the scope and timeline of the upgrade as well as its potential cost. It will likewise discuss the reasons that need the up grade and the potential threats for the company if the upgrade ideas be abandoned. The up grade plan will likely identify the critical achievement factors and any potential risks linked to the implementation and deployment from the upgrade. Let me invite the CTO towards the initial face-to-face meeting to lend his support in person and treat any queries that might arise from the stakeholders.

I will employ a Power Point presentation as a way of conveying the above mentioned details to the stakeholders who attend the getting together with. Any stakeholders who may be remote

MMT2 Task 2 – Communication Plan


will be asked to engage in the getting together with via a GoToMeeting conference call up, which will allow them to view and follow along the presentation too. The content of the Power Stage presentation will probably be derived from reveal upgrade survey prepared especially for the getting together with. This report will be given away to each stakeholder at the end of the meeting. Stakeholders will be instructed to immediate any ensuing questions to me personally after the business presentation is total. Once the primary meeting is completed, follow-up gatherings will be scheduled...