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 moral theology Essay


Election plays a very significant role within our lives. As the famous saying goes " No person is an island” all of us cannot but to belong to a residential area, we possibly belong to a family group which is the standard unit of the community or society. Inside the community through which we belong, in a broader sense, there needs to be a leader who also guides and direct his or her people. Alternatively, the people also need to choose a particular leader who is committed and competent enough or else there will be chaos and confusion since what Christ says, " They are like sheep with out a shepherd. ” Whatever kind of government those have if democratic, the reds, parliamentary, and others it will always involve political election of a a single leader who have believe to serve instead of to be provide. Nevertheless, is definitely the election of a leader ensures peace and order? Maybe it may be the source of hardship and havoc. As long as command and assistance involves basically for money and to help make it money, the individuals who are suppose to become serve endures the consequences: injustices, poverty, data corruption, and many others. A number of the evident manifestation of injustices (particularly prior to, during, and after the election) is the treatment and the alteration of what has to be completed have a reasonable, clean, and reliable political election. Here in the Philippines, we heard research and research telling all of us how dodgy and grubby our politics is. There are occasions that these bad assertions turn into obviously noticed and felt by the people if rich or poor. During elections political figures do their best to make all of them appear to be competent to provide and rule the country. Sometimes if it turns out that their best is not good or successful enough for the majority of the people, the fermage and the adjusting of our electoral system turns into a glimpse of hope for those to win. What pushes the researcher to research about this topic is to find out some of the main reasons why problems in electoral program still embark on. Some of these complications exist even now, such as bribery or election buying, traveling voters, disenfranchisement of voters, infidelity with the poll watchers, dagdag bawas (addition–subtraction), change of records of canvas, disqualification of candidates, and many more. These complications, as they still grow, may paralyze and affect each of our understanding of democracy. Since the countrywide election is definitely approaching, one of the significance of the research is to provide some understanding to the social educators on the effects of their teaching styles or ways to the poor. Social educators might include ordinary voters, advertising executives, and even politicians themselves (in a broader sense) as they state their particular plans and platforms during their candidacy. They may have significant position in the community that is certainly to educate, to orient, and interpret not merely the rules and procedures during elections although also to campaign against bribery and other dirty approaches used during elections. This kind of research may also help not merely those who are authorized voters but also to any concerned residents to consider and to be familiar with situation of the poor arreters and on how they perceive selection. Is the poor's perception about election just like those who are part of the upper and middle classes? How would it be going to influence our electoral systems? Can it be morally enough to labeled their idea on selection, bribery, etc . as immoral? What can we possibly carry out to lessen or even to remove these kinds of developing concerns? II. BRIBERY: WHAT IT IS

A. Outside of the Church

This portion defines the word bribery in the secular manner or how the term can be viewed simply by other people and communities. Bribery is popular in many aspects of our daily lives such as governmental policies, legal system, business, entertainment industry, remedies, sports, and others. 1 In respect to some dictionaries and encyclopedias, it consists of money or perhaps gifts directed at someone as a swap of some thing (a favour, etc . ) and in order to...