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Lab you: Users report that put in statements up against the view known as Production. vExpensiveExpiredProduct do not succeed. You state that the put statements that are being used happen to be valid. You need to ensure that put statements can complete successfully. Use SSMS - Open up SSMS. - Goto Hardware \Databases \Adventureworks\ Views\ Creation. vExpensiveExpiredProduct\ Causes - Select the trigger: trgvvvExpensiveExpiredProductInsert - Right-click and select Delete on menu - A delete thing window can look. Select ALRIGHT - In the Question window click on PERFORMED

Lab 2: Users record that they acquire an error communication when they execute a CLR user-defined function called: Production. ufnGetProductionInfo in the Adventureworks database. The error is happening because the function is being refused access to the neighborhood file system. You need to ensure that the least permissions likely to solve the condition are utilized. Use SSMS

- Open SSMS - Goto Server \Databases \Adventureworks \Programmability \Functions \Scalar-valued Features - Choose Production. ufnGetProductionInfo - Right-click and select Look at Dependencies by menu -- When the windows opens, find the bullet next to Objects on which [ufnGetProductionIngo] will depend on - During a call below choose AWAssembly2 after which click on ALRIGHT button -- In SSMS expand the Assemblies file and select AWAssembly2 - Click and select Homes from the menu. The Houses window can look. - In the Permission set field, choose External Get - Select OK. - In the Issue window select DONE

Laboratory 3: You are a repository administrator for your company. The only nonsystem data source on the storage space is AdventureWorks. A new crafted company policy states that nested induce execution can be not allowed. You have to ensure that this kind of policy is implemented by modifying the right server and database settings in the databases properties discussion box, or perhaps both of these discussion boxes, in SQL Hardware Management Studio room (SSMS). Conduct the appropriate actions in the ruse. When you are finished, click Completed.

- In Server houses window beneath Advanced webpage select Let Triggers to fireplace Others to False. - Click OK in Server properties windows. - Simply click OK in AdventureWorks Databases properties home window. *** Usually do not alter ‘Recursive triggers enabled' in Database properties *** - Inside the Question window click on PERFORMED

Lab 4: You certainly are a database officer for your organization. Car permit plate info is no longer required to be kept in the AdventureWorks database. You have to identify the tables which contain columns referring to the user-defined data type named LicencePlate, and you must remove individuals columns. You must not remove the genuine LicencePlate user-defined data type. You need to carry this out task by using SQL Storage space Management Facilities (SSMS). Perform the appropriate actions in the simulation. When you are finished, click Performed. - Inside the SSMS home window select Databases \AdventureWorks \Programmability \Types\ User-defined Data Types and select dbo. LicencePlate(char(7), null) - Examine Dependecies to determine which desks use that type. -- In the SSMS window choose Databases \AdventureWorks \Tables \HumanResources. Employee \Columns - Click PrimaryCar LicencePlate(char(7), null) and choose delete. -- In Delete Object windowpane click OKAY - In the Question windowpane click on DONE

Lab a few: You certainly are a database manager for your company. There is a great uncommitted purchase in the AdventureWorks database. You must find the method that is linked to this purchase, and you must kill that process. You must not kill some other processes. You should kill the method by using the Activity Monitor discussion how within SQL Hardware Management Studio (SSMS). Carry out the appropriate activities in the simulation. When you are completed, click Carried out.

- Goto Server \Management \Activity Screen. Double simply click to open up the Activity Screen window - In Activity Monitor on Server one particular window below Process Details page click on...