My Dream Home

 Essay about My Fantasy Home


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Mrs. Carter

Sept. 2010 15, 2013

My Dream Home

Later his or her own idea of the ideal dream house. Some people may well prefer a great extravagant three story and eight bedroom mansion with staircases layered with candle lights and bathtubs the size of pools. Some may be just fine using a small log cabin overlooking great mountain watch. When I was obviously a young child, I had formed my total favorite doll house that I played with on a twenty- four eight basis. I was constantly ordering the home furniture and being sure that my small home seemed just right. I actually imagine that my very own perfect dream home would be just like my own life-size doll house, only much larger and much nicer.

First of all, the exterior of my own home might look like something off the cover of a journal. A large made iron door would clear and lead one in a circular entrance with a water fountain in the middle surrounded by multi-colored flowers. Front side of my personal home is a tan and white stone mixture with an array of in another way shaped shrubs in front. Two large chimneys shoot out of the top above a dreary slanted roof structure. As one moves through the darkish framed discolored glass door, he goes in into the illuminated front hallway. A large dual staircase with dark walnut panels and a twinkling chandelier previously mentioned comes into view. The on the ground floor of my own home contains the living room, dining room, kitchen, and a collection.

To the correct of the stairs is the living room. My living place will be a incredibly comfortable location to relax. You will have many comfy couches that are made of smooth material and covered numerous pillows and blankets. A television will be mounted over a stone fire place. The room across from the living room is a dining room. The dining room will incorporate a long oblong shaped table with chairs that have some luxurious backing to them mainly because I do nothing like really stiff chairs. The dining room leads into the home where, of course , I put together my foodstuff. The cabinetry would be an off-white color, sort...