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By simply Sarah Roerk

Austin's Not really In The Face rock group have been making quite the term for themselves since they started like a duo last year. Jonathan Terrell (guitar and lead vocals) and Wes Cargal (drums) were the initial duo that started playing together to keep things interesting, experimenting with distinct sounds and providing a creative outlet. Since then, they have added Michael Anthony Gibson and Ross Dubois to the band and have used their music more critically while as well keeping the same intent. In a recent interview with all four members, they will talked about all their music, head to and how that they became musicians.

How might you describe Certainly not in the Face's sound to someone having never paid attention to your music before? Mountain ‘n' f****** roll!

So what do you like most about getting in the band?

Chicks… (laughs) The best thing may possibly be the whole freedom. You can do this and not have a real job. People prefer to live through people in groups and absolutely nothing better than that sense.

How include things transformed since the strap has added new members? The main of the strap is still there. Bold attitude with the band remains. [We're the] same group, just greater. [It] maintains evolving into more of a collaborative effort. Everyone brings different things to the table.

How do you feel regarding being shot while you perform?

It was strange the first couple of times, yet once you understand why they are really there, it can help you conquer the initial uneasy feeling. This makes you might like to do well and stay focused. I prefer spending time with the cameramen and figuring out the place that the shots are going to be. I feel even more at ease being aware of everyone is about the same page.

Would you you like to meet before you die?

Bill Murray, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, David Bowie, or any type of surviving Led Zeppelin members.

What are your audio influences?

Folks, 70's hard rock, 50's doo wop, and A queen of the Caveman days meets Temptations.

When I describe Jonathan's stage...