Work-related Safety and Health

 Essay on Occupational Security and Well being

Occupational Safety and Health

• Introduction


• OSH Legislation

• Examinations

• Security Audits

• Responsibilities

• Influenza A (H1N1)


We need to know about OSH because:

1 . It is a need under the law (OSHA and its particular Regulations);  � 2 . We must make procedures for obtaining the safety, health insurance and welfare of our colleagues; 3. We need to generate provisions for protecting our clients against dangers to basic safety or overall health in connection with the trade and activities. To ensure that us to achieve the objectives of OSH we have to look into HIRARC which is the basis of work-related safety and health. HIRARC is a chemical substance word which is made up of three consecutive activities running one particular after the various other. The activities include Hazard Indentification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control. Danger indentification is the recognising of things that might cause harm or harm to a person. Risk assessment is the taking a look at the possibility of injury or injury occuring to a person in the event exposed to a hazard. The creation of measures that will eliminate or reduce the risk of a person being exposed to a harzard is called Risk control. We need to learn about HIRARC mainly because:

• it is the main business coming from all OSH staff, safety panel members, administrators... etc . • it is a ENQUETE from the Chief Secretary from the government in order to all gov departments and companies through its letter of enquete: UPTM 159/267/50 Klt. 4 dated twentieth of August 2004. � Before the proccess of determining any hazards begin, it is necessary to know how to sort what is threat, risk and danger. • Hazard - anything that might cause harm.

• Risk - a probability of harm in fact being done.

• Danger -- the relative exposure to a hazard.

Problems can be sub-classified into well being or security hazards. Good examples of health hazards are:

• Physical (noise, heat, radiation, vibration, pressure, machinery, electric power......