Peter Skrzynecki Poem Examination

 Peter Skrzynecki Poem Research Essay

Migrant Hostel (spatial belonging) – White-colored Ribbon


No one stored count

of all of the comings and goings—

landings of newbies

in busloads from the place,

sudden take-offs from adjoining blocks

that left all of us wondering

would you be approaching next.

Nationalities sought

each other out instinctively—

like a homing pigeon

circling to acquire its bearings;

years and name-places

recognized by features,

partitioned off at night

by simply memories of hunger and hate.

For more than two years

we all loved like birds of passage—

often sensing a change

in the weather:

unaware of the growing season

whose observe we would follow.

A obstacle at the main gate

sealed off the motorway

from our doorstep—

as it went up and dropped like a ring finger

pointed in reprimand or perhaps shame;

and daily we all passed

below or together with it—

requiring its calamite

to pass in and out of lives

that experienced only commenced

or had been dying.


Present participle in ‘comings and goings' and the gregario description of ‘busloads from the station' focus on the vast number of Western immigrants emerging in Australia Factual language accustomed to describe the hostel express the perception of disconnection poet feels to the hostel ‘Sudden take-offs from adjacent blocks that left all of us wondering would you be coming next': migrants have no control of their abruti, they do not be familiar with situation as well as the system. Helpless, dislocated sense Homing pigeon simile emphasizes the in-born need to find someone or something familiar in a overseas setting to feel at your home. Repeated picture of migratory birds shows need for comfort of the home and distance journeyed Bird graphic repeated in simile ‘birds of passage': impermanence of existence, simply no settling straight down, unaware of what direction and time they are going to take ‘Barrier at the main gate closed off the freeway from our doorsteps' boom entrances separate foreign nationals from the remaining world, the highway represents the road tot eh community outside which the immigrants are not aware of about...